Implementation event


17 students at the Elementary School Strocja vas in Slovenia will try the four itineraries of the STARS GAME escape room on Thursday, May 26th 2022. All 4 rooms are available in Slovenian.


The last implementation session of the second year of the project will take place in the local institute INS Bisbe Berenguer, where IDIBELL science communicators will bring the digital escape room into the classroom.


Two scicomms from IDIBELL will take the escape room into a local institute, INS Mercè Rodoreda, where the students are looking forward to it since the past workshop.


On Tuesday, the implementation of the escape room at Jesuïtes Bellvitge Joan XXIII will take place with a group of first year secondary students.


IDIBELL scicomms and secondary students from INS Bellvitge will start the week by playing the STARS Game escape room and learning about biomedical research and team working. These will be the first sessions of the second implementation round in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.


From 2nd to 6th May, the students of 9 classes of the Matteotti-Pellico Institute of Turin will play the STARS GAME escape rooms: they will be divided into four teams of researchers – microbiologists, immunologists, molecular biologists and anatomopathologists – and they will investigate on an unknown disease.


After working in groups, collecting data and information in the STARS GAME escape rooms, the students of Malalbergo Ins. will present their scientific posters to their classmates. Scientific communicators will lead the discussion among the students to share their results and come to a synthesis of their research


From 23rd to 27th May, AIRC scientific communicators will conduct the last activities at Matteotti-Pellico Institute: students, divided into teams of researchers, will present their scientific posters, prepared with the information collected from the escape rooms, and they’ll discuss the results of their researches.


On Thursday 30th December, Helmholtz Munich will implement the Digital Escape Room digitally with two main groups of the Realschule Landshut: one with 29 and another one with 22 students. The students will have two weeks’ time after having played with the Escape Room to prepare a poster that will be presented on January 14th in front of the class.


This Monday, the first round of implementation sessions will finish with the visit to INS Mercè Rodoreda, where IDIBELL will present the escape room to a group of secondary school students who will play the game. With the feedback received from all these sessions, the partners will work on improving the escape room.


On Friday 17th December, IDIBELL will visit Institut Jesuïtes Bellvitge Joan XXIII, the third participating high school, in order to implement the virtual escape room.


Following Tuesday’s session at INS Bisbe Berenguer, on Wednesday and Thursday IDIBELL members will bring the escape room to 3 secondary groups at INS Bellvitge.


This week, the first round of implementation will take place. IDIBELL members will visit the four participating high schools, where the same students that attended the workshops will play the scientific escape room. The organizing partner will collect feedback from students and teachers in order to evaluate the project.

The first implementation session will be in INS Bisbe Berenguer on Tuesday, 14th December.


STARS GAME digital escape room arrives at school: the classes of the Malalbergo Institute involved in the project, guided by AIRC scientific communicators, were divided into teams of researchers of different disciplines (Microbiologists, Anatomopathologists, Molecular Biologists and Immunologists) and experienced the digital game-based activity.