AIRC Foundation for Cancer Research ETS (Milano, Italy) is an Italian not for profit organization established in 1965 whose mission is to support the progress of cancer research in Italy. AIRC is Italy’s largest private funding hub for cancer research thereby boosting selected innovative scientific projects. AIRC action also includes disseminating scientific information on the oncological field to the general public, organizing special events on cancer research in schools and universities, conducting fundraising campaigns and providing information on prevention. Its communication campaigns span over a wide range of channels: mass media, AIRC house organ, website, social media. Moreover, AIRC organizes sports events, corporate events, activities in schools, universities and science festivals.

Helmholtz Munich is the German Research Center for Environmental Health. It is a top research facility within the Helmholtz Association, the largest German research organization. Composed of 57 different Institutes/Research Departments, it has a strong focus on the mechanistic principles of health and disease linking the fields of biomedicine and environmental research. Helmholtz Munich pursues the goal of developing personalized medical approaches for the prevention and therapy of major common diseases. Science education and public engagement are key areas for the project. In order to set bridges between Helmholtz Munich and society, the centre has already acquired experience developing new interactive participation formats, such as teacher training, research training and science communication activities.

Fundació Institut d’Investigació Biomèdica de Bellvitge (IDIBELL) is a biomedical research institute focused on cancer, neurosciences, translational and regenerative medicine, where physicians and basic scientists work together with the aim of improving quality of life of citizens. The centre is participated by two major Hospitals (Bellvitge University Hospital, that covers more than 2 million people, and Catalan Institute of Oncology, an oncology monographic hospital that covers more than 60% of the oncologic patients in Catalonia), the University of Barcelona and the L’Hospitalet City Council. With a staff of more than 1300 people and high rates of internationalization, IDIBELL puts the focus on performing excellent clinical-oriented research that integrates the generation of knowledge and innovation in health, contributing to improve the quality of life of citizens. Thanks to the location in a clinical campus and the daily care activity of many of the researchers, a high number of clinical trials are performed in the institute every year.

Eda 6 d.o.o. is a Slovenia-based company specialized in project management, communication, and research. Process management for the preparation of strategies is one of the key activities of the company, which is specialized also in evaluations and analyses. The company has been dealing with communicational activities to present different topics to different publics since 2017.