Transnational event


The fourth transnational meeting of the project will have place on June 30th and July 1st in Ljubljana, Slovenia, hosted by Eda 6 d.o.o. The partners will put each other up to date and will work on the planning for the second half of the project, which will last until September 2023.


On 20th January 2022, IDIBELL will host the third transnational event of the STARS Game project. The four partners will share their respective experiences with the implementation of the scientific escape room in the high schools.


The second transnational meeting will be hosted by HMGU. From 22th to 24th September, the four partners will meet in Münich in order to put together the collected information from the past workshops, and coordinate the implementation of the escape room.


On this week, the kick-off event of the STARS GAME project will take place. All four partners: AIRC, HMGU, EDA 6 and IDIBELL will meet online in order to share and plan all details such as the communication strategy, the finance management, the project activities, the quality coordination and the partner’s roles, among other things. This will represent the start of the project, which will last for three years from now.