Workshop with researchers


Helmholtz Munich will start the second round of Design Thinking Workshops for researchers. The goal is to jointly develop game clues for the Escape Room and to put oneself in the students’ perspective as much as possible.


IDIBELL scientific communicators lead a series of three workshops with researchers in order to create video clues for the escape room.


During the following four weeks, IDIBELL will host four workshops with researchers in order to start imagining the scientific game that will be introduced into the high schools. The aim is to come up with fresh and great ideas that are useful to design a stimulating scientific escape room.


Helmholtz Munich science communicators will conduct 5 Design Thinking online-sessions with scientists to come up with scientific clues for the Digital Escape Room. Due to Covid restrictions, all the 5 sessions at Helmholtz Munich will take place online and will see the attendance of 7 young scientists (4 PhD students, 1 Post-Doc and 2 Principal Investigators). The 7 scientists are from 6 different nationalities: Italian, Greek, German, American, Indian, and Chinese. The main digital tool used to carry out the workshops will be Miro Board, a digital interactive whiteboard enabling visual collaboration for teams, that will facilitate the interaction between the participants and keep a good concentration.

At the end of the sessions the scientists will learn how to communicate their science using empathy and considering the target audience’s point of view and will come up with two scientific clues for the Digital Escape room, tailored to 10-12 years old kids.